Supported Employment

Project Search

The Center for Community Partnerships collaborates with the Poudre School District Transition Program, the Columbine Health System, Community Link of Denver, the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Foothills Gateway, Inc., the Colorado Developmental Disability Planning Council and Children's Hospital of Cincinnati to implement Project Search. Through Project Search, transitioning youth with intellectual disabilities from the Poudre School District have opportunities to complete a series of three 10 week work internships. Local internship work sites are provided by the Columbine Health System, a community employer that offers a wide variety of employment settings; thus, allowing for effective matching of each student’s job/career interests and employment skills to that of the employment environment and work tasks. These internships are completed in the students’ last year of high school. In cases where the student intern develops the skills and work ethic required for successful employment within the Columbine System, a job may be offered to that student by the time s/he graduates from high school.

The Center for Community Partnerships provides the employment consultation/job coaching support for Project Search students, guiding them as they complete their internships and seek paid employment. If a job is not available for the student after they have completed their internships, the student is eligible for supported employment services through CCP. Learn more about our program and the benefits of Project Search in this short video:

Project Search is being implemented at sites across the nation and world, with the vision, direction and leadership for this exciting work being provided by Project Search staff at Children's Hospital of Cincinnati. Learn more about the values, structure and successes of Project Search programs by visiting the Project Search website at