Opportunities for Postsecondary Success (OPS)

A support program for students with disabilities

The OPS program is based out of the Center for Community Partnerships in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Colorado State University. OPS works collaboratively with the Resources for Disabled Students Office and other student service offices. The OPS program focuses on supporting successful postsecondary transition outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities including individuals with an autism spectrum disorder or a brain injury. Program participants are supported in a variety of postsecondary transition avenues ranging from internship experiences, employment preparation, and higher education support. Many program participants are CSU students who need additional support above and beyond academic accommodations provided through the Resources for Disabled Students Office.

The OPS program is a fee for service program for students with disabilities. There are two fee options, either $2,000 per semester or $75.00 per hour.

The OPS program builds upon a solid foundation of services at the CCP and operates in partnership with CSU's Department of Occupational Therapy, Assistive Technology Resource Center, Division of Student Affairs, and Resources for Disabled Students; as well as Front Range Community College, the Poudre School District, the City of Fort Collins Adaptive Recreation Opportunities program, Foothills Gateway, Inc. and the CO Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.