New Start for Student Veterans Program

Academic success for student veterans with service-related injuries

New Start Poster

Post-9/11 military veterans are entering college by the thousands. They are returning from combat to pursue degrees in hopes of entering fulfilling careers. Record numbers of these men and women have sustained serious injuries while on active duty, such as traumatic brain injury, amputations, burns, blindness, post-traumatic stress disorders, and other physical wounds.

New Start supports current and incoming CSU student veterans, helping them achieve success in college and ultimately in the career areas of their choice. New Start services include support in addressing memory, concentration, and/or physical challenges; stress management; the use of critical academic skills necessary for college success; peer mentoring; recreation connection and assistance; and connection to campus and community resources. These services help student veterans get a new start on their lives as they pursue higher education after active military duty.

Charitable donations to New Start allow services to be offered at no cost.

New Start’s primary benefactor, Mr. Dennis Repp, is a distinguished CSU alumnus and military veteran with a passion and commitment for supporting veterans in making a new start after military service. His generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mr. Repp!