Empowerment Course

Designed and facilitated by the Center for Community Partnerships, the Empowerment Course is offered through Colorado State University Online in classroom and community-based settings. The Empowerment Course aims to facilitate successful employment and/or educational outcomes for transition aged (17-26) young adults with disabilities. With an emphasis on self-advocacy skills, students will learn how to identify, obtain, and keep meaningful employment within an individualized postsecondary career path.

Students enrolled in the Empowerment Course will take part in two hour class sessions twice a week for the first semester, and a two hour class and an internship (with varying hours) over the second semester. Students will learn and practice skills and strategies related to employment, self-advocacy, academics and independent living. Each semester, students will earn six CEUs and a badge. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the full course. The Empowerment Course will help young adults with disabilities more fully utilize their skills and abilities to promote greater life fulfillment and success.

For details about this new and exciting postsecondary education opportunity, please view the Empowerment Course brochure.

Empowerment Course Frequently Asked Questions

The Empowerment Course Application is now available for the 2018-2019 school year! Apply today!