Opportunities to Postsecondary Success Program

Bridge Program

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The transition from high school to college is a giant leap….a BRIDGE makes it easier!

The Bridge program for incoming CSU students with a disability and their families, offered through the Center for Community Partnerships (CCP) in the Department of Occupational Therapy, is a two and a half day transition program designed to help acclimate new students to higher education and campus life. Specializing in supporting student populations who are on the autism spectrum and those who have a brain injury, Bridge enrollees take part in the program in small groups according to individual needs and challenges. Facilitated by CCP staff and peer mentors, Bridge offers:

  • Personalized tours to locate your classes, dining options, activities, places to study, and resources.
  • Information and tips on self-advocacy for your success in college.
  • Opportunities to meet new friends and key campus personnel.
  • Guidance on how to identify and use campus resources, academic supports and accommodations.
  • Early residence hall move-in on the second day of the program.
  • Connection to ongoing support through the Opportunities for Postsecondary Success (OPS) program.
  • An introduction to Old Town Fort Collins and the Transfort bus system.

The Bridge program fee is $600.00 (Bridge Only) and $300.00 if participating in the OPS program in addition to Bridge.

Learn about the Opportunities for Postsecondary Success (OPS) program or apply to OPS now.

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