HOPE Speaks

HOPE Summarized

Headshot of Lauren

Learn to balance what’s most important.

I feel like I came out better because of it (TBI).

TBI is hard and it’s isolating and I never knew how strong I was.

Hope means holding on through the bad and believing the best is yet to come.

I look at the world in an entirely new way.

It’s so important to me that people care and take the time to understand.

I am somebody and I’m somebody that I want to be!

Hope is that piece of resiliency that keeps you going forward… the light in the tunnel.

I enjoy laughing at my own mistakes and brain injury issues.

It made it more okay to accept my own difficulties in a group of people (CBIC community) that also accepted theirs.

The process of acceptance makes TBI easier to talk about.

There are plenty of resources out there, you just need to reach out to them.

Think outside the box, be creative.

Hope means that I’ll continue to improve whether that’s physically or just understanding my needs and being able to balance them better.

Every day will be different, always have a plan B in mind. It will help.

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Living life in the present and being successful in small steps is what’s important.

Hope means looking forward to another day.

It’s not about going forward or backward, it’s about what you learn.

You can change and you can be better.

We can adjust and work with our deficits and help each other.

Perseverance, that’s been a huge benefit that I have.

I tend to put a positive spin on crappy situations and appreciate life more now.

Finding a silver lining in things is important.