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The Center for Community Partnerships (CCP) is a direct services and outreach arm of the Department of Occupational Therapy at Colorado State University. In operation since 1985, the CCP is funded through grants, fee-for-service, and gifted contributions, allowing the Center to continue providing and improving vital individualized, consultative, and educational services that focus on increasing access to employment, education, independent living, recreation, and the community as a whole for young adults and adults with disabilities. Our individualized, comprehensive services help individuals identify and learn to use accommodations, compensatory strategies, modifications, and other supports that assist in the achievement of their chosen life pursuits.

Programs at a Glance

New Start for Student Veterans

Academic success for student veterans with service-related injuries

New Start supports current and incoming CSU student veterans, helping them achieve success in college and ultimately in the career areas of their choice.

New Start brochure photo

Opportunities for Postsecondary Success

Supporting higher education and career success for students with disabilities

OPS supports successful postsecondary outcomes for young adults with disabilities, helping them achieve their academic, career and life goals.

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